About Us

Marsaxlokk Aquatic Sports Club is a voluntary organisation founded by Mr Joe Grech and Mr Frans X Vella back in 1952. The club had been abandoned for a few years , when in 2011, dedicated people from Marsaxlokk with the initiative of Mr Victor Fenech  have reformed a new Committee to bring the Club back to life.  At first they set up a swimming nursery and by 2013, the new Waterpolo team was formed.

Today Marsaxlokk Aquatic sports club is not just limited to Waterpolo and Swimming.  We practice Kayaking and other aquatic sports and we support Charity events such as the Richmond Foundation, Marigold Foundation, Puttinu, Dr Klown,  Sports mill-Qalb and Presidents Fun Run. We organize fundraising events for our club members and even help other cultural activities in our locality. This year we organized A Clean up the Bay on 2 days targeting L-Ghar L-ahmar beach area and the seabed in front of our pitch with the help of the Local Council , FTZD , MFF fishfarming who provided man power and equipment .

We have been working tirelessly for the last 5 years to have a heated fresh water pool to be used for both leisure and training purposes.